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Website Components

This site is built using website components :

  • React is for building user interfaces (UIs). It is an open-source, front end, JavaScript library created by Facebook.

  • Docusaurus is a static site generator. It is an open-source website framework created by Facebook. It builds a single-page application with a fast client-side navigation, leveraging React to make websites interactive. Features

    • Some features I like about Docusaurus are:
      • Powered by JSX and MDX
      • Extend and customize with React
      • Hot web browser reloading with fast incremental build on edit changes
      • Route-based code and data splitting
      • Check for errors by building deployment website on local server, using the same process as the deployment server
      • Blog MDX files
      • Blog and file:
        • Side Menu
          • Website project
          • Blog posts
        • MDX files Table of Contents
  • MDX is Markdown Syntax built for the component age by Facebook. It has identical syntax as Markdown. MDX is an author-able format that enables seamlessly writing JSX components in MDX documents. One can import React components such as interactive charts or alerts or other components.