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JohnTelford.com LLC

JohnTelford.com LLC is a web technology consulting company working with client web development projects. I am the sole proprietor of the company.

Building web sites is not easy. Web programming is complex, time consuming, and expensive. Web development and deployment environments are critical.

This site discusses leveraging component web technologies and software engineering practices to optimize creating, updating, maintaining, and deploying web sites, to reduce overall costs.

I am an Electronics and Software Engineer specializing in web hardware and software technology disciplines:

  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Deployment

A labyrinth symbolizes possible difficulties reaching web project goals. Knowledge and experience with web technology disciplines may be helpful.

Business focus, marketing messages, customer needs, and other factors usually require web site updates.

Some times companies are not interested in how their web sites are constructed, as long as they have the features and functionality needed to satisfy their target market. The cost of not being interested may cost a magnitude more to update and maintain the web site than to developing it.


The Component Web Technology Pages are an index to local web pages about component web site development hardware, software, deployment, and web services technologies, for cost effective web site creation, deployment, and maintenance.

This web site is built using the Web Development Stack