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Welcome. I am an Electronics and Software Engineer specializing in web technology architectures, development, deployment, and maintenance consulting

JohnTelford.com LLC is a web technology consulting company working with clients web development projects:
  • Architecture

  • Development

  • Maintenance

  • Deployment

  • Review

The labyrinth symbolizes there may be difficulties reaching web project goals without a knowledgeable choice of technologies. A guide may help

I am the sole proprietor of the company. The web has been in my life since its early days. Since then I have been hands on the with some of the ever changing Electronic, Web, and Software Technologies

Develop Locally

Developing web software using local development hardware and software is advantageous. The hardware and software are not locked into vendor cloud services. One can respond to new and improved web development hardware and software quicker than relying on vendor cloud service to update


Web site development is not easy and is time consuming. Optimizing the development environment is critical

The key hardware for web developers are workstations. They need to be reliable, secure, fast, support large screens, supportable, and work with web software development applications:

Development Frameworks

Web development frameworks are web site generators abstracting other technologies, helping make developing web sites faster and more robust. The output of site generators are deployed to vendor cloud-based web services, eliminating the need for local web servers. The end result is browsers interrupting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript instructions, and rendering web pages


Web development time is expansive. Choosing a source code editor that is also the project development stack Central Command and Control for creating, testing, maintaining, and deploying web sites is an advantage.

Quickly invoking live preview while editing is a time saver, and shows how the edit will be displayed on the web

Deploy Globally

Deploy using an Application Delivery Network (ADN) vendor cloud service that provides continuous web deployment worldwide to every major cloud provider:

Version Control System

Version control helps answer the questions who changed what, where, when, and why?

Git is a distributed version control system for tracking project file changes.

GitHub is an online web hosted repository for git projects. It is a platform for hosting versions of most type of project files in a remote repository that is a unified source of truth