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Work in Progress LLC is an information technology consulting company specializing in helping companies maximize their web technology investments. I am the sole proprietor

The Internet and the Web are a part of my life since their early days. I’m an information systems architect and electronics engineer consulting with companies about web systems architecture and development


  • Develop Web Designs
  • Web Security


  • Web Development
  • Web Deployment
  • Network
  • Web Security

I enjoy pursuing what’s new and improved in the computer and electronic industries. It has been a passion for decades

The computer and electronic technologies are probably the fastest changing endeavors mankind has ever created. The half life of many computer hardware and software, and electronic products making it to market, is relatively short. There are some very short lived products and some that were just vapor.

Checking out what’s new or not, what’s real or not, or what’s new and improved, in the computer and electronic industries, is something like panning for gold. Buried within the mountains of information rubble produced daily by the industries, one every so often finds a nugget of something making the effort worthwhile.

Progressive Web Apps

One nugget that caught my eye is the burgeoning Progressive Web Apps technology. It may be a shift in web aplication development and deployment

The Progressive Web Apps Development web site is about a deep dive into Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology to gain an understanding and figure out a PWA development architecture for creating this site

John Telford
John Telford
Portland, Oregon