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September 13, 2018

Hello, I am John Telford the owner of LLC an information technology consulting company. I’m a computer systems architect specializing in consulting about developing Fast Web Apps.

Fast Web Sites

Fast responding web sites are increasingly important. About 75% of Internet users only use their smartphones and tablets to cruise the web. Most of them expect something useful on the screen in 2 seconds or less, before they abandon the site after waiting a few more seconds.

A fundamental change is happening in the way fast web sites are being developed. Web Apps is a leading edge technology for creating fast web sites. Facebook, Instagram, BBC, Airbnb, CNN, Drobox, IMDb, Netflix, Paypal, The New York Times, Financial Times, WordPress, Yahoo, and many more brand names are using Web Apps technologies in their products.

Web Apps

Web Apps technology has a bright future as it is further developed and evolves into new and improved technologies that further abstract the Web App ecosystem creating Web App process, making. more Abstract making simpler, more programming modules , refining JAMstack

Web servers compile all the bits and piece necessary to make complete Web Apps that run in web browsers on user devices. Web Apps work because they are built using the same web standards as browsers. Web Apps run in browsers on user devices, and are independent of device hardware or operating system.

One experience Web App users do not have is going to an app store, finding, and downloading the app. Complete Web Apps are loaded into the users browser when they first visit the web site. No need for an app store.

Web Apps look and perform the same across all devices. Web Apps only require browsers to adhere to web standards. Users will have the same experience on any device they choose to launch Web Apps on. They function like traditional applications. Web Apps combine features offered by browser web standards with the benefits of running on most any device.

Web Apps performance is only limited by the speed of web browsers running on user devices, not by the Internet or servers.

Contemporary apps suffers from a lack of interoperability. Web Apps do not.

John Telford
John Telford
Portland, Oregon