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Website Material

Web Material

This website is an example of using these application to create and maintain website Markdown text and Troika web programming materials.

iA Writer is a mirror of website Markdown text and Troika web programming materials in the local repository. iA Writer is where text material is changed or new text material is created, and kept synchronized with the local repository using ChronoSync.

Using iA Writer for editing website material and using Chronosync to synchronizing with the Local Repository seems faster with less errors.

iA Writer

"iA Writer offers a unique writing experience that lets you concentrate and clarify your message. Used by half a million people worldwide, its powerful interface is crafted to cut out noise, let you focus on what you want to say, and help you structure and trim your text."

iA Writer is used to edit website material and blog posts. Using iA Writer seems to be faster because of focus and grammar features with live preview.


  • iA Writer is a Markdown Writing app:
    • Faster way to write MDX website material
    • Extensive Style Check
    • Focus
      • Sentence
      • Paragraph
    • Available for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android

When one or more pages have been edited using iA Writer, the ChronoSync app is used to synchronize files from iA Writer to vscode or visa versa. Since the iA Writer files are store in iCloud, they can be edited remotely using laptops, smart phones, or pads.

Sometimes in the heat of development or defect remediation, changes are made to files in the Local Repository. Chronosync is used to be synchronized the Local Repository with iA Writer .



" ChronoSync is a comprehensive toolkit for performing file synchronization "

ChronoSync is used to keep iA Write and the local repository in sync.