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The Develop team translates the Define and Design processes into website pages using abstract logical structures, rigid nonhuman website programming languages, and a variety of tools.

The slightest errors or security issues will require remediation sometime during the life time of the website.


  • Decisions about resources required to transform the Define and Design work into a website and infrastructure.
  • Decisions about using a static site generator and programming tools.

Static Site Generators

The Troika of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript website programming languages have become standard for creating website pages. Web browser interprets the standard Troika languages and renders the website.

The job of a static site generators is compile the website pages written in troika and non Troika programming languages such as Markdown, into a single file containing a combination of standard Troika languages web for browsers to interpret.

A web browser loads the website single file from the website server and interprets and renders the website.

Reference What is a static site generator?


Docusaurus is a static site generator used to create and maintain websites. It builds a single-page application with fast client-side navigation, leveraging the full power of React to make websites