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Website Design is creating a website look and feel. Useful websites require the user experience and functionality be consistence and complement the content.


The core foundations of a user's website experience are:

  • Fast - Website responds quickly to user interactions with smooth scrolling.

  • Integrated - The website uses the full capabilities of the user device to create an experience true to the device.

  • Reliable - Loads quickly and reliably even in uncertain network conditions.

  • Engaging - Keeps user coming back to a website that is designed to look and feel natural.


Website design prerequisites are making decisions:

  • Website Design
  • Consistency
  • Theme
  • Color Scheme
  • Typology
  • Navigation
  • User interaction



I have reincarnated using several of these Development Frameworks and other static site generators. This latest reincarnations was built using Docusaurus development framework.

The website design prerequisites can be realized using the Docusaurus development framework. Docusaurus attributes may be edited. Docusaurus abstracts react which uses mdx and jsx for creating user interfaces.

Docusaurus is a static site generator. It is created and open-sourced by Meta Open Source

Learn more:

Responsive Website Design

The majority of users access websites using mobile devices. They and others have little tolerance for slow loading website pages or pages that do not conform to their screen size.

  • Website design

    • Ensures pages load quickly
    • Website pages are display correctly on a variety of devices and window or screen size
    • The website look and feel, users experience, and functionality are consistenly maintain.
  • Consistency
    Website consistency is the look and feel of the site. The users experience, and functionality does not vary between website pages.


The website theme is:

  • Color scheme
  • Header
  • Pages
  • Fonts
  • Footer
  • Typology
  • Navigation
  • User interaction