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Deploying a website is making it available on the Internet. The production version is deployed when stakeholders agree.

Meanwhile, developers working on features, fixes, or testing may deploy private website with their changes, without disturbing other developers work or the production version. This enables the stakeholders to monitor progress. See Preview Deployments


  • Deploy
    • Public website
    • Private development websites
    • Vendor
    • Secured


Docusaurus supports static site hosting services such as Vercel, GitHub Pages, Netlify, Cloudflare, and others. I have used these and other hosting services. My choice is Cloudflare.


This website is using Cloudflare for a Content Delivery Network (CDN), Domain Name System (DNS) and website deployment. Cloudflare builds websites and deploys them when git pushes changes from the Local Repository to the Central Repository, Cloudflare then automatically builds the website and deploys to the Internet.

Benefits deploying projects with Cloudflare are:

  • Zero Trust Security
  • Performance
  • Stability

Features I like are:

  • Zero Trust Security
    What is Zero Trust security?

  • Automatic website deployment after a push to the GitHub repository for production websites. Team members may show their new features they are working or their remediation of defects by deploying their local repository to a private and secure website where stockholders view their work and give feedback. See Preview Deployments

  • Builds are quick, especially those with few changes.

  • Quickly redeploy previous deployments.