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Team - Define


Defining websites helps the Iterative Development teams and stakeholders understand the project.

Defining website prerequisites is the first steps in optimizing website costs.


The Define team prerequisites are:

  • Defining what the project is about
  • Funding
  • Purpose
  • Functionality
  • Stakeholders
  • Content
  • The musts and wants features
  • The security requirements


Knowing the purpose of the website project helps separate goals into musts and wants

Project Funding

Project funding is a primary factor in the success of website projects. It enables teams to have skilled people, equipment, and tools.

Website Type

Is the website:

  • Brochureware ?

    Websites or web pages produced by directly adapting a company's printed marketing or advertising material.

  • Commerce ?
  • Something else ?


Who are the stakeholders?

The teams deploy private websites for stakeholders review while creating new, updating, fixing, or exploring new features. See Preview Deployments

Musts and Wants Functionality

  • When stakeholders agree the website Musts functionalities are operational, then it is a Minimum Viable Product.

  • When stakeholders agree the website Wants functionalities are operational, the website is production quality and ready to be deployed to the Internet.

Website material

  • What is the website message ?

  • What existing and new website material will be in website pages?


  • What are the website security needs?