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I am the sole proprietor of LLC technology consulting company, working with client development projects for more that 30 years.


A seasoned, knowledgeable, industry professional, Electronics, Software, and Web Engineer specializing in web hardware and software technology disciplines, Architecture, Architecture, and Deployment.

  • Practitioner with extensive experience across most IT functional groups
  • Ability to effectively collaborate to accomplish multidiscipline goals:
    • Senior management teams
    • External and internal clients
    • Functional groups
    • Individual contributors
    • Vendors


Way back when the Internet web browsers and programming languages came along, I became interested in web technologies, and began learn by doing technology deep dives. I have years of learning ever changing Electronics, Internet, and Software technologies by hands-on experiencing the technologies du jour.

I have a passion pursuing what’s new and improved with these industries. Checking out what’s new or not, a pipe dream or not, or what’s new and improved, is like panning for gold. Buried within the mountains of info rubble produced daily, every so often one finds interesting technology nuggets making the effort worthwhile. I use the Hype Curve as a guide.