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Some of the web sites I have built, maintained, and deployed


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A web site about the results of a technology deep dive to understand Asciidoctor technology enough to create an architecture for developing web sites. Asciidoctor Dev


Displays selected photographs shot over the years and processed using Adobe Lightroom. The selected photos are uploaded to Adobe servers where they are organized into galleries ready for display on the web. The web site is a front end to the galleries. Photonjohn


A web site about a deep dive into Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology to gain an understanding and figure out a PWA development architecture for creating the web site. It is not about the nuts and bolts of how to create a PWA, but about the PWA development architecture and technologies used to create sites.


Blog posts are opinionated, uplifting or depressing, facts or fiction technologies, I find in my frequent panning of the Computer, Electronic, and Internet info rubble. Tech Talk Blog

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