John M. Telford - Résumé


Collaboration – A seasoned, knowledgeable, industry professional, senior information technology practitioner with extensive experience across most IT functional groups, with the ability to effectively collaborate with senior management, external and internal clients, customers, functional groups, individual contributors, and vendors, to accomplish multidiscipline goals.

Key Accomplishments



Designer and project manager of a large-scale 24 x 7 x 365 three-tier infrastructure, and deployment of remote servers and workstations, for a large transportation manufacture. The work took 3 years and a team of 7 engineers. ftl


Architect and manager of a production IT infrastructure makeover for a consumer products company, utilizing contemporary database, hardware, networking, security, software, virtual server, and web technologies. The effort took a team of 5 IT administrators 3 years to accomplish. cad


Recruited and managed a product integration and evaluation team of 5 engineers for a computer manufacture. The team was responsible for testing, configuration management, and packaging, of commercial UNIX derivative operating systems for multiprocessing hardware. seq


Assembled and led computer resource teams from 2 to 10 members, for clients and employers.



Developed a resilient IT infrastructure with a large campus and remote offices company, including network routers, switches, WANs connecting satellite business operations, and physical and virtual servers for application deployment. The continuing success of this evolving infrastructure is due to designing it for change and implementing proactive monitoring throughout. rbl

Expanded the technology infrastructure of a small Apple Mac based business. Built and managed an ppi


Builder and head of a software engineering department. The company manufactures solutions for the microtechnology industry. A team of 8 engineers was responsible for the planning, development, production, and sustaining of real-time software, and user application products. Formed Information Services team responsible for delivering software development tools. esi


Engineered an environmental monitoring system, including the hardware, embedded operating system, application, development system, and a Forth-like procedural, stack-based, programming language. esi


An Early Internet Service Provider:

  • Created and ran off-site and on-site Internet servers delivering email and web functionality.
  • Deployed evolving commercial Web site services including shopping cart, checkout, and web site analytics. isp

Wrote programs that measured detailed Web sit response times for a large manufacturing commerce site. nik

See Web Résumé for Web Technology Key Accomplishments.


Wrote numerous programs and utilities using various compiled and scripting languages

  • High-energy physics data reduction programs
  • Software for Network hardware
  • Engineering, financial, and graphic applications
  • Numerous web sites using technology du jour. See Web Resume